Lip color for summer

I love lip colors this time of year. The most pigmented neon colors are presented and I cannot wait to get my hands on all the pinks, corals and lilacs. Unfortunately, summer also brings intense temperatures and a melty lip is not cute. My favorite beauty hack of all time is a simple one.

All you need is your favorite lipstick and a lip balm. 

Use a lip scrub or just rub a tooth brush over your lip to make sure they are smooth and flake free. Apply your lip color of choice very lightly and use your finger to pat the color into your lips. This will make sure it stays put. Top with lip balm. Perfect summer lips that feel amazing and you will not have to worry about it bleeding into your foundation! 

What I am wearing: 
NYX matte lip in red pink topped with Chapstick 
Forever 21 top 
Francesca’s necklace 
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Foodie gone Yogi

This coming month will finally declare my 28th birthday. I decided to deticate the month of May to my body: spiritually and physically. 

Step 1: diet coke detox
I have always prided myself on an adventurous diet with a sprinkling of diet coke. I will still continue with my baking and cooking, but this month they will come from natural, less refined sugar, ingredients. 
Step 2: introduce my body to new workouts
While I have been doing yoga for over a year now I am going to work on challenging myself. Starting with a flat foot perfect form downward facing dog and hopefully ending with improved flexibility and stronger binds. 
Step 3: stop crying when my trainer challenges me
Okay so I don’t realllly cry. But I do whine. A lot. By the end of the month I want to finish my workouts without saying a can’t. Clearly I can or he wouldn’t ask me to try. 
Step 4: Drink. More. Water.
I never drink water. Maybe MAYBE a glass a day. By the end of the month I want to be drinking at least 8 glasses a day.
Step 5: spend more time with God
Yoga introduces a lot of meditation and spiritually. I want to use this time to focus on my relationship with Jesus rather than clearing my mind completely. 
Only 5 steps, but they are 5 steps that can dramatically improve my 28th year. 
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Buxom gloss and sephora sale

I have been dying to try Buxom glosses for a while now. This is the best deal I have found and I am a huge fan!!!!

They are very opac and not sticky. The box says there is a tingle but I didn’t notice one at all. 
This kit has the best selling colors!
$32 at sephora but through April 10th you can save 15% using code TICKET!
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Raspberry Frosting

Frosting is one of my least favorite things to make. It is delicious, I cannot stopping “taste testing” and for some reason I really dislike mixing butter. It’s strange I know. BUT the end result is always worth it when I top my cupcakes. 

What you need : 
1 stick of soft unsalted butter 
1/4 cup marshmallow fluff 
1/4 cup organic raspberry jam seed free
3 cups confectioners sugar
1 tbsp vanilla extract 

Mix together vanilla and butter until creamed. I used a hand mixer (so much easier). Add in the jam and fluff. Once everything is creamed together add in the sugar a little bit at a time until fully incorporated. Refrigerate until ready to use! 
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Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

I wanted something light and fresh that would double as a comfort dish. Roasted red pepper, fresh tomatoes, spicy salami and fresh cheeses are only a few things that made this pasta some satisfying. 
This dish can easily be made vegetarian but the meat eaters in my house would freak if we had more than one meatless meal a week. 
What you need: 
Really good olive oil
Fresh ball of mozzarella 
Block of parm with pieces chipped off
2 vine ripened tomatoes 
3 organic red bell peppers 
Parsley and basil fresh or dried
Sea salt and cracked pepper
Crushed red pepper 
Whole wheat angel hair pasta prepared and drained 
Salami of your choice. I got my at whole foods. Presliced stick of spicy salami 
Chopped garlic 
Let’s get started!

Preheat oven to 375. Starting with a casserole dish pour olive oil to cover the bottom of the dish. Add in herbs, garlic, crushed red pepper, salt and pepper. 
Add in the cooled pasta and toss in the oil. Cover pasta with the mozzarella, tomatoes and red peppers. Top with salami and parmasean. Be sure to put salami on last because you want it to be crispy. 

Bake for 45 minutes or until red peppers have roasted down. 
Adapted from

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How to wear color eyeshadow

I love colors but not necessarily on my eyes. I’m always terrified of looking like I came out of the 80s. Pink and brown is a classy way to do color and is completely work appropriate. 

I used all too faced shadows/blushes to create this look. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, rosy blush, taffy and snowflake. 
Start by using a light brown on a fluffy brush and blend all over the eye and lower lash line.
On the same brush use the rosy blush and sweep into crease. Using either the same brush or a smudge brush add the dark brown lightly to the outer v of the eye and the inner of the eye. 
Using a clean brush blend everything together until you cannot see any edges then add a light pink to the center of the eye. 

Final touches are using a shimmery white to the inner corner of the eye and under the brow. Finish with your favorite mascara and liner. 

Enjoy !

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Falafel and feta

Sorry about the lack of pictures! This meal was thrown together so quickly I honestly did not expect it to come out so well! This is a real fast but tasty way to do vegetarian. 

I saw a recipe for falafel on emerils website. He used fava beans and a fryer. I decided to use chick peas and bake them off. 
What you need: 
2 cans of chick peas
1 egg 
1/3 cup flour 
1/2 cup chopped parsley 
1 lemon juiced and zested 
1/4 cup olive oil 
Salt and pepper
Crumbled tomato basil feta 
1 cup Greek yogurt 
1 tbsp olive oil 
Red pepper flakes 
Preheat your oven 400 degrees. In a food processor add olive oil and chick peas. Once blended add the lemon juice, salt pepper, parsley, egg and flour. I used an icecream scoop to drop batter on a pan before putting in the oven. Bake for 25 minutes. 
While the falafel is baking mix together the feta, oil, red pepper flakes, lemon zest and yogurt. You can use the food processor if you want a creamier texture. 
Top your falafel with the feta and serve with a warm piece of flat bread. Enjoy! 
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Flawless Lasting Foundation

I spend countless time searching online for products that will help your makeup last. I work long days without time for touchups so I can’t worry about what my makeup is doing. 

I have found a few products that help me ensure I have a “flawless” face. 
Step 1- moisturize ! This is the most important step. I have been using origins morning moisturizer. 
Step 2- primer that works for your skin. Primers are made for large pores, oily skin, dry skin, fine lines ect. I chose one for lasting power. Benefit 15 hour flawless face primer 
Step 3- foundation. If you find your perfect primer you can use any foundation really. Revlon photo finish has a really sheer yet buildable coverage. 
Step 4- setting powder. My current favorite is Victoria’s Secret mineral finish powder. It has a very subtle sheen that blurs lines and large pores. 
Step 5- if you still need staying power try a setting spray. I like something mattifying so I use urban decay de slick spray 
Let me know if you try any of my tips! Or if you have some to share!
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Valentines Cookie Cake

This is easily my FAVORITE cookie cake recipe. The texture of the cookie is light while still having the density of a traditional chocolate chip cookie. 

We were snowed in for 3 whole days with this cookie… I really needed to leave before eating the entire thing. 
What you need 
2 cups of flour 
3/4 cup of unsalted butter
3/4 cup brown sugar 
1/4 cup granulated sugar
2 tsp cornstarch (most important ingredient)
Pinch of kosher salt
1 egg
1 tsp baking soda 
2 tbsp vanilla 
1 cup chocolate chunks
1 cup m&m s
A good tip here is to freeze the chocolate first. This helps it hold it’s shape and keeps the cookie from discoloration. 
How to do it
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix butter, sugar, egg and vanilla until creamy. Add in dry ingredients. It with form a very thick ball of dough. Do not over mix. Add in chocolate and m&ms. 
Pour into a greased 9inch pan. Bake for 20-25 minutes. The top should be very lightly browned. Leave out to cool for at least an hour before taking out of the pan. I used a Betty Crocker icing bottle to make the heart on my cookie. 

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Food prep for success

Last year I lost over 20 lbs and managed to keep it off. This year my goal is to get my body to its healthy weight and tone up. One of the biggest obstacles for me is my job. I leave the house by 7am and usually do not get home until 8pm. My lunches are squeezed in whenever I find a minute so they are never at the same time. After talking to a good friend and amazing motivator I decided to commit my Sunday free time to food prep. Instead of driving around trying to find healthy fast food options I’m stocking up in organic veggies and free range proteins to eat through the work week. 

This week I made roast chicken breast with lemon, garlic, pepper, cayenne and a little sea salt. My broccoli was roasted with lemon and pepper.
What do you eat to stay healthy?
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